Q. Is World Prelaunch connected or representing any specific Multi Level Marketing company?


A. World Prelaunch is not connected of affiliated with any Multi Level Marketing Company.


Q. Can I sponsor anyone from any country?


A. Yes, there are no restrictions, so share your website with as many people as you can around the world.


Q. Why can we not join the official company now?


A. Our system will allow you to build a team BEFORE you take up the full opportunity. You can start to build a BIG team now, meaning when you take up the opportunity you will start making money the same day as you join, and this will be a very important part of the opportunity.


Q. Will you be helping and giving us tips on how to get the best from our World Prelaunch site?


A. Yes, we want you to be No. 1 so we will work with you, offering daily tips & advice on building your team.


Q. How can I grab the TOP spot, the No. 1 position in your business?


A. To be in the No. 1 position with World Prelaunch is simple - you need to personally sponsor as many people as you can via your World Prelaunch website. All you need to do is share this website with everyone you know, share your World Prelaunch site with the world, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, all the social media sites, Google ads, Facebook ads, Craig’s list, FREE advertising, use the banners in your back office.


Q. How will I know how and when to join the official opportunity?


A. Your sponsor who's WPL website you joined through will contact you to offer your the Opportunity, if he has not contacted you in 24 hrs of your joining WPL please email support@worldprelaunch.com

Q. Will all the people that join through my World Prelaunch website be classed as my personally sponsored?


A. Correct, these will be your people. You can see how many personally sponsored people you have via your back office, and you can also see how much money they can potentially make you within days of joining.


Q. What about the people that join after me? Are they my people as well?


A. No, they are not your people… BUT they can still be part of your team and you can make money on everyone that joins after you. You can see the total number of members that have joined after you in your back office.


Q. Will you give me all my personally sponsored people?


A. Yes, in your back office you will be able to to see brief details of your personally sponsored people, once you take up the Opportunity that your sponsor will share with you, you will be able to see the FULL contact details, Name, Country, Email address, Number of personally sponsored, total team.